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Things you can do for “Post Viral Fatigue”

You have read about or may know someone who had severe fatigue after Covid-19. We are learning more about the “Long Hauler Syndrome” with Covid-19 but any virus or stressful event can cause a fatigue syndrome which can last for months. Here are some recommendations that have helped my patients:

Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. Some people need 6 hours, and some people need 9; it is genetically programmed. Naps help some but not all. There are tricks to better sleep like no screen time, read, a warm bath, and calming apps for sleep but, if these do not work, see a sleep specialist physician for a diagnosis and to get the right corrective treatment.

You are what you eat. Avoid poor nutrition, processed foods and snack food, empty calories like soda. Eat healthy, fresh foods, take a vitamin if you cannot get enough fruit and veggies. If you are unsure of your needs, get nutrition advice from a certified nutritionist.

Deconditioning is a real phenomenon and is a reason for a physical therapy consult. It will take months to recover from deconditioning so be patient and don’t give up!

Try to think positive thoughts and positive self-talk to get through it.

Seek help
It can be depressing to feel awful most of the day. Talking to a psychologist and getting medication for depression or anxiety from a knowledgeable medical practice or psychiatrist can be just what it takes to get over the hump.

Support from loved ones
Friends, family, loved ones for support. I learned that this can be one of the greatest gifts in life but can also get someone through a near-death health experience. Start caring and giving to others and those who care for others will be there for you. It takes a team to get through tough times and having the team in place before the going gets rough is important.