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Merry Christmas! Keeping out of the hospital from Covid-19

If you have been fully vaccinated and boosted, or fully vaccinated within the past 4 months, and have no medical conditions, you are unlikely to get seriously ill with Omicron, which is now 90% of the US Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) variant but some have flu like symptoms and who wants that! so wear a good mask in public or double mask cotton masks.

If you are over 60 you with or without medical conditions or younger with medical condition (Diabetes, obesity, cancer, on immunosuppression, lung disease) you could be one of the 10% in the ICU if you get Covid-19 so it is important to be fully boosted, wear an N-94 or N-95 in public, have others test before group gatherings, and immediately get Sars-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody should you become test positive for Covid. Some immunocompromising conditions can now get prophylactic monoclonal antibody every 6 months if there is a concern they may not respond well to the vaccine.  This would be ordered by your physician.

The 2 new oral medications for Covid-19 should be available soon. We still have iv antiviral medications for Covid-19.  My next post will review the 2 new oral medication for Covid-19.