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Should I take the JnJ Covid Vaccine or opt for another?

My recommendation: If you are a woman who has not gone through menopause and are either pregnant, on hormone estrogen/progesterone birth control, or have an autoimmune disease, opt for Moderna or Pfizer. These 2 vaccines are pretty easy to find and receive now. Why I am recommending this:

There has been some analysis of the brain blood clot issue, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis-CVST, and quite a bit known about this issue in the general population.  The highest risk for this condition in anyone without a vaccine is women of reproductive age on oral contraceptives, pregnancy, brain tumors or other surgery to the brain or spinal cord, kidney disease, and autoimmune diseases affected the blood vessels, vasculitis.(Alvis-Miranda, 2013).  The natural incidence can be as high as high as 15 in a million found in a study in Australia. The JnJ related cases were 1 in a million but also associated with low blood platelets. This condition more unusual has also been seen in patients with Covid-19.  If you have a headache with covid-19 or after getting any covid-19 vaccine, be aware of the symptoms of CVST and go to the ER. It is important to get treatment immediately. The most common presenting symptoms are: headache (88.8%), some get seizures (39.3%), some have difficulty moving a part of the body (37.2%), and some have notable change in the ability to think (22%).

Below is a link given to physicians by the FDA