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Delta Variant? The New COVID-19 Nomenclature


The common names of the variants has been changed. The Public Health (WHO, CDC, etc.) now use Greek nomenclature thus variant B.1.612.2 is now Delta.  The 4 variants in the photo are very concerning for these reasons:

  • Increase in transmissibility or change in how fast it spreads
  • Increase in virulence (death and hospitalization) or change in clinical disease presentation (stroke, pneumonia, heart failure, etc)
  • Decrease in effectiveness of public health and social measures or available diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics. 

Other variants being followed which caused community spread in specific locations but have not spread rapidly in 1 country or to other countries are; Epsilon (USA), Zeta (Brazil), Eta (Multiple Countries), Theta (Philippines), Iota (USA), Kappa (India), Lambda (Peru)